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Introducing FROZENMEAT.SG’s lifetime commission affiliate program.

Hello friends!

Daniel here. I am the creator of FROZENMEAT.SG, an online web app allowing users to buy frozen meat products direct from wholesaler.

This site started out as a “side-project” early 2015 to help users order meat online, using a one page ordering solution that I’ve designed, tested and evolved over the years, making it as simple as possible for customers to use, and reducing the number of errors, such as ordering the wrong items over the telephone, while also reducing the lead time to allow our suppliers to stock and prepare the items ready for deliveries the next working day.

With a little bit of marketing, this site took off and grew rapidly over the next few months, and found its way into the lives of users in various communities, niches and interests, and featuring prices (that sweet spot) that allows residential users to enjoy the same prices as our corporate users (we are using a minimum purchase order model with free deliveries).

As the web app has grown to a phase where we have a consistent and growing number of recurring customers to allow us to operate at a healthy level, I believe that we can do so much better with your help.

Hence, we are opening up our affiliate program to enable you to start promoting and earning commissions for every sale that you bring to the site.

Whether you are an influencer, or a content creator who writes, blogs, or takes photos, for communities or in niches that relates to meat or food, or a platform owner who knows that your users can benefit from the products that we are providing, joining our affiliate program will easily help you create a win-win-win situation for all of us (your users, us as the merchant, and yourself as the affiliate).

You can get started by signing up with the affiliate application form at the bottom of this article or by clicking on the link below.

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Getting started: promoting to the correct audience

We are currently positioned in a way where we’ve implemented a minimum order amount to allow residential buyers to enjoy corporate rates (lower than recommended selling prices). This had allowed us to be opened up to a few targeted, and welcoming groups that converts very well — our first time buyers usually know what they want and are comfortable buying online.

That being said, here are some communities that you may want to focus on (there may be others, but these were some that I’ve came across when I was surveying or replying to our existing users).

  • Health, sports and fitness — From bodybuilders, to power-lifters, to runners, the communities where sports nutrition and meal preparation are key to their overall fitness goals made the bulk of the audience that are very open to our site when we first launched.
  • Pets and food for pets — Another group of users who have been actively spreading the word for our site are in the pets and pets food communities. If you have knowledge in pet nutrition or have experience working with fur kids, you may find this community very responsive to your offering.
  • Cafe, canteens and food establishments — A newer group that have been buying through our web app are the cafe, canteens and food establishments, where busy and web savvy decision makers are the ones buying.
  • Casual groups (home cook, BBQ, cooking for a group meetup, weekend and holiday events) — Social group orders still make the highest volume of sales over the years, while the frequency is much lower as this group tends to order maybe once or twice a year, or on special occasion, or different users assigned to order on each turn. If you have a content rich platform that have a broader reach, this might be the audience that you can start promoting to with success.

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Quick terms

We are paying 5% (excluding shipping, and excluding tax) with lifetime commissions to our affiliates. That means, every customer that you bring to the site will be linked to your account, allowing you to receive commission on future purchases by the user.

All cookies are set to 30 days expiry, meaning a user can have up to 30 days, upon clicking your affiliate link, to make a purchase on our website to allow you to get rewarded with affiliate commissions for the sale. If the user had cleared the browser cookies or if the cookies expired prior to making the sale, the user’s sale would not be linked to any affiliate account.

Affiliate commissions will be rewarded upon completion of sale, payment, and after the order has been delivered. Do allow 30 to 60 days (we usually complete the accounts at the middle of the new month after the delivery) for the affiliate commission to be credited to your account.


  • Order made on 25 Jan, to be delivered on 26 Jan. Delivered on 26 Jan. Accounts cleared with affiliates commission rewarded in mid Feb.
  • Order made on 25 Jan, to be delivered on 3 Feb. Delivered on 3 Feb. Accounts cleared with affiliates commission rewarded in mid Mar.

Our affiliate program doesn’t reward commissions for own referrals.


  • A refers A through A (own) referral link = no rewards.
  • A refers B through A referral link = rewarded.

In the event that you are the designated purchaser and would like us to drop-ship the products to your customers, you may create one affiliate account for your own, ordering on behalf of your customer, while logged in with their accounts using your affiliate link as the referral.

You can choose to receive affiliate commissions by Direct Bank Transfer, through PayPal, or as store credits.

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