Are the meat certified hormone-free and antibiotics-free?

Our meat products have to go through AVA’s strict checks and approval prior to import.

Further information here (under “Claims in relation to hormones and antibiotics”):

What are some of the lower-fat / lean meat in your menu?

Q. What are some of the frozen meat products on the menu that you have are lower in fat?

A. Chicken breasts are known to have the lowest fat content in meat based products (approx 21.2g protein and 2.6g total fat out of 3.5 oz ~ 100g; uncooked). Pork loins are another lean cut for pork based items in the menu (approx 26g protein and 4g total fat out of 100g).

Items in menu that you may like:

Chicken Breasts Boneless Skinless Minced (2kg / pkt)
Chicken Breasts Boneless Skinless (2kg / pkt)

Pork Loin Boneless, Cut 2cm (2kg / pkt)
Pork Loin Boneless, Whole (4kg / pkt)
Pork Loin with Bone, Cut 2cm (2kg / pkt)
Pork Loin with Bone, Whole (4kg / piece)

Hope this helps! 🙂

Deliveries: Where’s the food?

Our daily delivery frozen food trucks usually start their trips from 10am and all the way to 7pm.

While the ordering form states 2 time slots, there may be orders that arrive later than designated time barring unforeseen circumstances.

Are “bacon” and “pork belly slices” the same item?

We are selling “pork belly slices”; are they the same thing as “bacon”?

Bacon is known for the cured process, prepared by salt, packed in brine or dry packaging. Further curing may occur using chemicals, additives or preservatives, and dried for weeks or months. They can be boiled or smoked.

Pork belly slices are the actual raw frozen meat that users could use to prepare bacon from. They are very popular in various cooking or preparation styles such as for “mookata” or for “shabu-shabu”; I personally prepare it with salt and BBQ it with butter (on a make-shift aluminium foil grill / pan).

Hope this helps! 🙂

What’s the difference between “cut”, “cube”, “strips”, “sliced”, and “whole”?

Our factory does a variety of cuts based on our users’ needs. Here’s the difference between the 5 types of cuts that you’ll see on the ordering form:

“Cut” — This is the direct mandarin translation for “切” which the meat would be cut into smaller pieces (almost cube-like shapes).

“Cube” — Similar to “cut”, whereby the meat would be processed to cube shaped pieces (from a bigger piece) for easier cooking.

“Strips” — A thick strip of meat; seen in “pork belly strips”.

“Sliced” — Thinly sliced pieces of meat for quick and easier cooking, especially popular for “mookata” or “shabu-shabu” cooking styles.

“Whole” — A whole piece usually amounting to the upper 3kg to 4kg range.

Where Does Your Frozen Meat Come From?

Q: From which country are your frozen meat imported from?

A: Our meat are imported from:

  • Chicken and pork are primarily from Brazil
  • Beef products primarily from Brazil (formerly from New Zealand and Australia)
  • Pork bone marrow is from UK
  • Pork belly from Holland
  • Pork hock from UK
  • Beef Bone marrow from Australia

Does Delivery Come With a Box?

Q: Does frozen meat delivery come with a box and how are the meat packed?

A: Yes, frozen meat delivery comes in a cardboard insulated box and items are packed in clear plastic bags.

You may want to repack them into smaller bags before placing them in the freezer. Hope this helps! 🙂

Does Freezing Meat Preserve Nutrients?

Q: Does freezing meat preserve nutrients?

A: Yes. According to USDA, freezing of food helps slows down the movement of molecules, causing microbes to become dormant, hence saving it from spoilage, while much of the nutrients have been left intact.

CNY Notice: Last day of delivery before CNY is 23 Jan. Orders placed after 22nd will only be delivered from 1st of February onwards. Have a great festive season ahead! 😊