Beef Marrow Bones Cut

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Australian Beef Marrow Bones: Perfect for broths, stocks, and gourmet dishes. Rich in flavor & nutrients. Imported as-is. “Standard size” (approximately 30-36cm length).

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Are you ready to enrich your cooking?

Beef marrow bones are not just any ordinary ingredient; they’re a treasure trove of flavor waiting to be unlocked in your kitchen. Imported directly from Australia, these “standard size” cuts (approximately 30-36cm length) promise an authentic taste experience that can transform simple meals into gourmet delights. Whether you’re simmering them slowly for a hearty broth or roasting them for a decadent treat, beef marrow bones add depth and richness that’s hard to beat.

These versatile bones are perfect for home cooks looking to impress their families with traditional recipes or fitness enthusiasts seeking natural sources of nutrition. With each bite, discover the succulent marrow that has been celebrated by chefs and food lovers alike.

Let’s explore how these beef marrow bones can elevate your culinary creations!

Unlock Deep Flavours

Our Beef Marrow Bones Cut is more than just an ingredient; it’s the secret behind many culinary masterpieces. Sourced from premium Australian cattle, these cuts ensure high quality and exceptional taste every time you cook with them. The rich marrow within provides not only an explosion of flavor but also contributes significantly to the texture and body of any dish it graces.

Perfectly sized for convenience yet generous enough to make multiple servings, our beef marrow bones are ideal whether you’re preparing soups, stocks or even adventurous dishes like roasted bone marrow spread on toast.

  • Authentic Australian origin
  • Ideal standard cut size (30-36cm)
  • Perfect base for broths & soups
  • Rich in flavor & nutrients

Beef Marrow Bone Nutritional Benefits

Dive into nutritional goodness with our Beef Marrow Bones! These powerhouse ingredients pack essential nutrients beneficial for overall health maintenance—rich in protein which supports muscle repair and growth while providing healthy fats crucial for brain function and energy levels throughout the day.

The bone itself is laden with minerals such as calcium important for strong teeth and bones along with iron which helps combat fatigue by improving blood oxygenation levels—making this product not only delicious but also incredibly wholesome.

Indulge guilt-free knowing every serving contributes positively towards balanced nutrition without compromising on taste or satisfaction!

Dishes You Can Create

Beef marrow bones are a cornerstone in many Singaporean dishes, known for their rich flavour and nourishing properties. Here are some local culinary creations you can enjoy using our quality beef marrow bones:

  • Sup Tulang: A vibrant dish featuring beef bones stewed in a spicy tomato and chili sauce, perfect for those who love bold flavours.
  • Clear Bone Stock: Use these beef marrow bones to make a versatile clear stock that serves as the foundation for numerous soups and stews.


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How long should I cook beef marrow bones for broth?

Simmer the bones for at least a few hours to extract maximum flavor and nutrients, but you can go as long as 24 hours for a richer broth.

Can I reuse beef marrow bones after making broth?

It's not recommended to reuse them for another batch of broth as most of the flavor and nutrients would have been extracted in the first use.

What herbs complement beef marrow bone dishes?

Herbs like thyme, rosemary, parsley, and bay leaves pair well with beef marrow bone dishes to enhance their flavors.

Is it necessary to roast marrow bones before using them in soups or stews?

Roasting is optional but it can deepen the flavor profile of your dish by caramelizing the surfaces of both meat and bone.

Should I blanch my beef marrow bones before cooking?

Blanching helps remove impurities from the bones which results in a clearer broth; however, this step is optional depending on personal preference.

Is freezing cooked bone marrows possible without losing taste or texture quality upon reheating?

You can freeze cooked marrows but there may be slight changes in texture; reheat gently to preserve its qualities.

Does contain any vitamins minerals beneficial health?

Yes, rich source collagen amino acids also contain trace amounts calcium phosphorus iron vitamin A contributing overall wellness.