Beef Tenderloin, Whole

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Savor the Brazilian Beef Tenderloin: unparalleled tenderness, lean & perfect for culinary creativity. Direct from Brazil’s best. Uncut pieces weighing 1.5 to 2.5 kg each.

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Craving for Tender, Juicy Beef?

Experience the pinnacle of flavor with our Brazilian Beef Tenderloin. Each whole piece, weighing between 1.5 to 2.5 kg, boasts an incredibly tender texture and a lean profile, making it a premium choice for discerning palates.

Sourced directly from Brazil, this beef tenderloin is less fatty than most cuts, ensuring a pure, unadulterated beef experience. Its versatility in cooking methods, from grilling to roasting, makes it perfect for any culinary adventure.

Let’s explore the finest flavors in your next meal!

A Cut Above the Rest

Our Brazilian Beef Tenderloin defines luxury in every bite. Unsurpassed in tenderness and lean composition, this uncut piece is a chef’s delight for creating unforgettable dishes.

With its minimal fat content, it promises a wholesome and rich beef flavor, suitable for health-conscious gourmands and meat lovers alike.

  • Exceptionally Tender Texture
  • Lean, High-Quality Cut
  • Versatile Cooking Applications
  • Sourced from Brazil’s Finest Farms

Nutrition-Packed Delight

Our beef tenderloin isn’t just about exceptional taste; it’s also a powerhouse of nutrition. High in protein and essential nutrients, each serving offers a perfect blend of flavor and health. Its low carbohydrate content makes it an ideal choice for a balanced diet.

Dishes You Can Create

Transform our Beef Tenderloin into extraordinary dishes that capture the essence of Singaporean cuisine. Here are some delightful meal ideas:

  • Lemongrass Beef Tenderloin Bahn Mi: A fusion delight with a zesty twist.
  • Singapore Beef Satés: Exotic kebabs marinated in aromatic spices.


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How should I store the beef tenderloin upon delivery?

Store it in your freezer immediately upon delivery to preserve its freshness and quality.

What is the best way to thaw the beef tenderloin?

For optimal results, thaw the tenderloin in the refrigerator for 24-48 hours before cooking.

Can I cook the tenderloin from frozen?

It's recommended to fully thaw the tenderloin before cooking to ensure even cooking and optimal texture.

What are some popular ways to prepare beef tenderloin?

Beef tenderloin is versatile and can be grilled, roasted, or used in stir-fries and kebabs.

Is beef tenderloin a healthy choice?

Yes, it's a lean cut high in protein and low in fat, making it a healthy option for meat lovers.

How long can I keep the beef tenderloin in the freezer?

When stored properly, it can be kept in the freezer for 6 months or longer.

Is the beef tenderloin suitable for special diets?

Yes, its low-fat profile makes it suitable for various diets, including low-carb and high-protein diets.

Where is this beef tenderloin sourced from?

Our beef tenderloin is sourced from Brazil, known for its high-quality beef.

Can the beef tenderloin be used for barbecues?

Absolutely! Its tenderness and flavor make it an excellent choice for barbecues.

Is beef tenderloin a good choice for meal prepping?

Yes, its versatility and ease of cooking make it a great option for meal prepping.