Beef Tenderloin, Whole

$40.30 ($37.31 w/o GST)

Beef, tenderloin, whole. Incredibly tender with less fat than most cuts.

Country of origin: Brazil
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You’re the person who has it all. You deserve to treat yourself, even at the self-indulgence of an afternoon meal. The beef tenderloin is sure to stand out from the others on your plate, and deserves a place right next to those grilled asparagus in glistening olive oil. The soft pink meat will melt like butter on your taste buds as you savour every last juicy moment; don’t let this one linger on your fork for too long!

Delicious and tender beef. It’s so tender, it practically melts in your mouth – even when you treat yourself to a medium-rare cook.

* Tenderloin’s taste and quality will be a delightful experience for you

* Delicious on its own or with a sauce

* Leaner and a lower calorie meal (low to medium marbling)

* Low in external fat, making it tender and a highly sought after cuts

* High in protein, B vitamins, iron, zinc and other minerals

They’re so meaty and deliciously plump – it’s kind of ridiculous how good these things are.