Chicken Breast Skinless

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Discover the Lean Brazilian Chicken Breast: your key to guilt-free, delicious meals. Perfect for stir-fries, DIY chicken nuggets, and local dishes. It’s skinless, versatile, and packed with protein. Get the game-changer you need for your meal prep today!

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Craving Something Healthy and Yummy?

Fellow Singaporean health buffs and home cooks! Ever thought about how our skinless chicken breast could be the game changer in your meal preps? Straight from the lush farmlands of Brazil, this high-quality protein is here to jazz up your kitchen adventures. Whether you’re in a rush for a quick stir-fry or planning your meals for the week, our chicken breast is your new best friend for keeping fit and eating right.

Lean, tender, and bursting with protein, it’s all about relishing your meals guilt-free. Let’s dive into how this can take your cooking to the next level while supporting your active lifestyle.

Meet Your New Kitchen Favourite

Introducing the star of the show – our Brazilian chicken breasts. Skinless, perfectly trimmed, and ready to make your culinary dreams come true. Each piece promises tenderness and that pure chicken flavour we all love.

Its versatility knows no bounds – grill it, bake it, or pan-sear it; it’s ready for anything. Check out what makes it stand out:

  • Skinless for healthier meals
  • Brazilian-sourced for top-notch quality
  • Perfectly trimmed for hassle-free cooking
  • Versatile for endless recipe ideas

Nutritious and Oh-So-Delicious

Our chicken breast isn’t just good; it’s a nutritional powerhouse! Packed with high-quality protein for muscle growth and low in fat for weight management, it’s got everything you need to stay on track. And let’s not forget the essential vitamins and minerals for that overall health boost.

Dishes That’ll Make You Go “Wow!”

Ready to turn our skinless chicken breast into mouthwatering Singaporean dishes? Here are some local favourites that are sure to impress:

  • Hainanese Chicken Rice: Aromatic rice with tender poached chicken.
  • Chicken Satay: Perfectly grilled skewers with a peanut dipping sauce.
  • Lemon Chicken: Crispy chicken drenched in a zesty lemon sauce.
  • Curry Chicken: A rich curry stew filled with juicy chicken chunks.
  • Sesame Oil Chicken: A comforting mix of ginger, sesame oil, and soy sauce.
  • Chicken Porridge: Warm porridge with shredded chicken for a light and soothing meal.


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How do I ensure my chicken breast stays juicy when cooking?

Marinate beforehand and avoid overcooking. Use a meat thermometer to check for doneness without cutting into the meat.

Can I cook chicken breast from frozen?

It's best to thaw it first for even cooking. If you're pressed for time, adjust your cooking method and time to accommodate the frozen state.

What are some quick marinade ideas for chicken breast?

Soy sauce, honey, and garlic make a quick and tasty glaze. For a local twist, try lime juice, ginger, and sesame oil.

Can I refreeze thawed chicken breast?

If it was thawed in the refrigerator and not left out at room temperature, it can be safely refrozen.

What's the best way to thaw chicken breast?

Place it in the fridge overnight or submerge it in cold water, changing the water every 30 minutes until thawed.

What are the health benefits of eating chicken breast?

Chicken breast is high in protein and low in fat, making it ideal for muscle building and weight management.

Is chicken breast suitable for all diets?

It's an excellent choice for most diets due to its high protein content and low levels of saturated fat.

Does cooking method affect the nutritional value of chicken breast?

Grilling or baking preserves most nutrients; frying adds extra fat. Always opt for healthy cooking methods to maintain its nutritional profile.