Chicken Burger Patties (Original)

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Chicken Burger Patties (Original): Juicy, tender, and seasoned for classic flavor. Perfect for BBQs and quick meals. 30 patties per box.

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Are You Craving for a Yummy Burger?

There’s nothing quite like biting into a perfectly cooked, juicy chicken burger. Our original-flavored Chicken Burger Patties are crafted for those who appreciate the classic taste of tender chicken, seasoned just right for that homestyle flavor. Each patty is a testament to quality and convenience, offering an effortless way to satisfy your burger cravings at any time.

Whether you’re planning a family BBQ or need a quick meal solution, these patties are your ticket to deliciousness. They come in a handy pack of 30, ensuring you have enough to feed everyone at your table or store some for later use.

Let’s explore how these patties can transform your meals!

Savor the Classic Taste

Our Chicken Burger Patties (Original) are more than just meat; they’re an experience waiting to happen. Made from choice cuts of chicken and blended with traditional seasonings, each patty promises consistency in both taste and texture. They cook evenly whether grilled or pan-fried, giving you that desirable golden-brown crust every time.

Imagine the possibilities – from classic cheeseburgers to adventurous creations topped with exotic ingredients; these patties serve as the perfect canvas for your culinary artistry. And because they come frozen, freshness is locked in until you’re ready to unleash it on your grill or stovetop.

  • Homestyle seasoning
  • Even cooking
  • Versatile culinary uses
  • Conveniently packaged

Chicken Burger Patty Nutritional Benefits

When it comes down to nutrition, our Chicken Burger Patties stand out with their moderate protein content – good for quick snacks to help with muscle repair and growth. This cut provides satiety and flavor in every bite. Rich in vitamins and minerals necessary for overall health maintenance, incorporating these patties into your diet contributes positively towards balanced eating habits without sacrificing taste.

Enjoying our chicken burgers means indulging responsibly – fueling up on good nutrients while delighting in great flavors.

Dishes You Can Create

Transform your Chicken Burger Patties into a feast of flavors with these unique Singaporean-inspired recipes. Whether you’re in the mood for something spicy, tangy, or richly savory, our patties are versatile enough to be the star ingredient in a variety of dishes that cater to every palate.

  • Buffalo Chicken Burger: A zesty twist on the classic burger with homemade ranch dressing and a kick of buffalo sauce.
  • Satay Chicken Burger: Infused with Thai satay spices and topped with spicy peanut sauce for an Asian flair.
  • Nasi Lemak Burger: A local favorite reimagined as a burger; coconut rice buns and sambal chili give it that unmistakable Singaporean taste.
  • Teriyaki Chicken Patty: Glazed with teriyaki sauce for a sweet-savory Japanese touch that’s simple yet delicious.
  • Salted Egg Chicken Burger: Crispy chicken coated in rich salted egg yolk sauce – an indulgent treat that’s uniquely Singaporean.

Explore these recipes to bring out the best in your chicken burger patties!


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What makes chicken burger patties a good choice for quick meals?

Chicken burger patties are pre-formed and ready to cook, making them a convenient option for fast and easy meal preparations.

Can I customize my chicken burger patty flavor?

Absolutely! While our original-flavored patties are delicious on their own, they're also perfect for adding your favorite spices or marinades.

Are these chicken patties suitable for children's meals?

Yes, their mild flavor and tender texture make them ideal for kids' palates.