Chicken Hot Dog

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Chicken Hot Dogs: Juicy, flavorful, and perfect for any meal. Quick to cook, they’re the ideal choice for tasty indulgence. 340g per packet. Approximately 10 pcs each packet.

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Are you craving a quick and tasty meal?

Our Chicken Hot Dogs are not just any snack; they’re a delightful treat packed with flavor and perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re planning a family BBQ or need a speedy yet satisfying meal, these hot dogs are sure to hit the spot. Made from quality chicken, each hot dog is crafted to provide an enjoyable eating experience that’s both convenient and scrumptious.

With approximately 10 pieces per packet, there’s plenty to go around for everyone at your table. These hot dogs are versatile enough for gourmet creations or simple comfort food – it’s all up to how you want to enjoy them! Plus, they come ready-to-cook, saving you time without compromising on taste.

Let’s explore why our Chicken Hot Dogs should be your next go-to choice for a deliciously easy meal!

Succulent Chicken Hot Dogs – A Bite Above The Rest

Indulge in the succulence of our perfectly seasoned Chicken Hot Dogs. Each one is carefully prepared to ensure that every bite is as juicy as it is flavorful. With their smooth texture and rich taste, these hot dogs offer an exceptional eating experience that stands out from the rest.

Ideal for grilling or pan-frying, they brown beautifully and fill your kitchen with mouthwatering aromas that promise an irresistible meal ahead. And because we understand convenience matters just as much as taste does, our chicken hot dogs cook quickly so you can satisfy those hunger pangs in no time.

Highlights include:

  • Rich flavor profile
  • Quick cooking time
  • Perfect grill marks
  • Convenient pack size

Chicken Hot Dog Nutritional Benefits

While our Chicken Hot Dogs are a delightful treat, we believe in enjoying them mindfully. Yes, they’re finger-licking good and come with the convenience you love, but they also contain sodium as part of their seasoning. It’s important to balance your diet and enjoy these hot dogs as part of a varied meal plan that includes plenty of vegetables and other nutrient-rich foods.

Savour the taste while being conscious of moderation – that’s how you turn a simple pleasure into a smart choice for your occasional indulgence!

Dishes You Can Create

Transform our Chicken Hot Dogs into unique Singaporean delights! Whether it’s for family dinners or solo treats, here are some creative ways to incorporate these juicy bites into your meals:

  • Buffalo Chicken Dog: Spice up your hot dog with a zesty buffalo sauce twist. A fiery blend perfect for those who love an extra kick!
  • Chinese Hot Dog Buns: Merge tradition with modern snacking. Soft buns meet savory chicken hot dogs in this Asian bakery classic.
  • Coney Dog Style: Top it off with diced onions and cheddar cheese. An American favorite reimagined with chicken franks.
  • Oriental Sauce Franks: Pair it with potatoes in an oriental sauce. A hearty dish combining familiar flavors in an unexpected way.
  • Roti John Sandwich: Local street food fusion at its best. The beloved baguette omelette sandwich featuring our tasty chicken hot dog slices.


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What's a unique way to grill chicken hot dogs?

Try marinating them before grilling for an extra flavor boost!

Can I cook chicken hot dogs in an air fryer?

Absolutely, it's quick and gives them a deliciously crispy skin.

Are there healthier ways to prepare chicken hot dogs?

Opt for baking or grilling instead of frying, and pair with wholesome sides.

Are there any dietary restrictions when eating processed meats like hot dogs?

Moderation is key due to sodium content; balance with veggies and lean proteins.