Chicken Wing

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Approx 100-120g per chicken wing.

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Are you craving a hearty chicken dish?

Indulge in our deliciously tender chicken wings, sourced from the finest poultry farms in Brazil. Each wing is meticulously selected to ensure you get nothing but the best quality for your meals. Whether you’re planning a family dinner or prepping for a week of healthy eating, our chicken wings are versatile and easy to cook with.

Packed with natural flavors and ready to be transformed into your favorite dishes, these wings are not just about taste—they’re about bringing people together over good food.

Let’s explore how they can become the highlight of your next culinary adventure.

Juicy Wings for Every Occasion

Our chicken wings strike the perfect balance between tenderness and texture. They come conveniently portioned at approximately 100-120g each, making them ideal for various cooking methods—grill them up for a BBQ feast or bake them with aromatic spices.

With their rich taste and satisfying bite, these Brazilian-sourced beauties will be sure to impress both family and friends alike. They’re not only great on their own but also serve as an excellent base for countless recipes.

Highlights include:

  • Perfectly portioned
  • Versatile cooking options
  • Rich in natural flavors
  • Ideal base ingredient

Chicken Wing Nutritional Benefits

Our chicken wings are more than just tasty; they offer substantial nutritional benefits too! Packed with high-quality protein essential for muscle growth and repair, they also contain beneficial fats that support overall health when consumed as part of a balanced diet.

Enjoying our frozen meat means savoring vitamins such as B6 and B12 that aid metabolism along with minerals like phosphorus which contributes to strong bones—a wholesome choice indeed!

Dishes You Can Create

Transform our succulent chicken wings into iconic Singaporean delights that will tantalize your taste buds. From hawker-style BBQ to comforting home-cooked meals, these wings are the perfect canvas for a variety of local flavors.

Here’s a selection of dishes you can whip up:

  • Hawker BBQ Wings with Chilli Dip: A classic favorite at Singaporean food stalls, these grilled wings paired with a spicy chilli dip are sure to be a hit at any gathering.
  • Singapore Chicken Wings: Marinated in soy sauce, sugar, and honey, then baked to perfection—this dish brings sweet and savory together in every bite.
  • Har Cheong Gai (Prawn Paste Chicken): Give your chicken wings an umami boost by coating them in flavorful prawn paste before frying them to crispy goodness.
  • Salted Egg Yolk Wings: Indulge in the rich taste of salted egg yolk with this trendy twist on fried chicken wings—a must-try for adventurous palates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQ section, where we answer all your questions Beef Tenderloin, Chop! Discover more:

Why choose frozen chicken wings?

Frozen at peak freshness, our chicken wings lock in flavor and nutrients, ensuring a delicious meal every time.

Are these wings pre-marinated?

No, they come natural and unseasoned, giving you the freedom to add your favorite spices and marinades.

Where do these chicken wings come from?

Sourced from top-quality poultry farms in Brazil for unmatched taste.

What’s the best way to cook frozen chicken wings?

You can bake, grill, or air-fry straight from frozen—no thawing necessary!

Any tips for extra crispy skin on my baked wings?

Pat them dry before seasoning and place them on a wire rack over your baking sheet for even cooking.

How long should I marinate the chicken if I want more flavor?

For best results, marinate for at least an hour or overnight in the fridge.

Is it possible to overcook my chicken wings in an air fryer?

Yes. Keep an eye on them and check frequently for that perfect golden crispiness.

Can I cook these in an Instant Pot or slow cooker directly from frozen state?

While you can use an Instant Pot with proper settings for frozen meat, avoid using a slow cooker as it may not heat evenly throughout.

How nutritious are these chicken wing?

They’re rich in protein with essential vitamins like B6 and B12 plus minerals such as phosphorus.

Can people following keto diet eat these?

Yes! Our plain unseasoned wing are low-carb friendly when prepared without sugary sauces or breading.


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