Lala Clam

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Experience the ocean’s burst with Lala Clams, ideal for nutrient-rich, tasty meals. Easy prep, versatile, and healthy.

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Are you craving a taste of the sea?

Imagine the taste of the ocean bursting in every bite of our Lala Clams, a delicacy that carries the essence of the sea to your dining table. These frozen boiled Lala Clams are not just a treat to the palate; they offer a gateway to a myriad of culinary adventures right in the comfort of your home. Whether you are a home cook looking to impress or a fitness enthusiast seeking healthy, protein-packed meals, Lala Clam is your go-to ingredient.

With their subtle sweetness and tender texture, Lala Clams elevate your soups, stir-fries, and pasta dishes with minimal effort. They are a breezy addition to busy weeknight dinners or leisurely weekend feasts, seamlessly blending with a range of aromatic spices and herbs iconic to Singaporean cuisine. Let’s explore the endless possibilities Lala Clams can add to your culinary repertoire!

Unlock Seafood Perfection

Our Lala Clams are meticulously selected and boiled to preserve their natural taste and texture. Quick-frozen to lock in the freshness, they are ready to throw into your favourite dishes at a moment’s notice, saving you the prep time without compromising on quality or flavour. The clams come from pristine waters, ensuring that you enjoy the very best nature has to offer.

In every dish, these clams bring a unique dimension that’s sure to please seafood lovers of all ages. Their versatility is unparalleled, providing a seafood staple that can be molded to fit any meal, from quick snacks to elaborate dinners. Highlights of Lala Clams include:

  • Quick and convenient to prepare
  • Rich in oceanic taste and nutrients
  • Suited for a variety of Singaporean dishes
  • Ideal for healthy diets and meal preps

Lala Clam Nutritional Benefits

Lala Clams are a treasure trove of nutritional benefits. Rich in lean protein, they support muscle building and repair while staying low in fats – perfect for those who are health-conscious. These clams are also a natural source of vital minerals like zinc and iron, which enhance immunity and oxygen circulation. They carry a wealth of vitamins that bolster overall wellness, proving that good taste and health can go hand in hand.

Dishes You Can Create

Adding our Lala Clams to your meals isn’t just about enjoying incredible flavours; it’s about crafting memorable experiences at the dining table. Singapore’s rich culinary landscape offers a bevy of options where Lala Clams become the star. Here’s a taste of what you can create with these versatile sea gems:

  • Sambal Lala: A fiery favourite combining clams with Malaysia’s beloved sambal sauce for a spicy kick.
  • Kam Heong Lala: This golden fragrant stir-fry is a burst of aromatic spices and a true umami experience.
  • Chili Clams (Lala): Dive into the sweet and spicy world of Singapore-style chili clams, a local delight.
  • Clam Lala Soup: A comforting broth enriched with ginger and cili padi, showcasing clams in their purest form.
  • Stir-Fried Garlic Clams: Quick and easy, let the rich garlic flavour enhance the clams’ natural taste.
  • Stir-Fried Clams with Taucu: The fermented soybean adds an unexpected depth to the savoury clams.


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Can I cook Lala Clams directly from frozen?

It is best to thaw them first to maintain texture and flavour. Use cold water for quick thawing.

Any tips for making a clam dish more flavorful?

Fresh ginger and chili can add a great kick. Cooking in a broth or with spices like sambal enhances taste.

Are Lala Clams suitable for a high-protein diet?

Absolutely, they are a great source of lean protein, ideal for muscle maintenance and growth.

What dietary nutrients do Lala Clams provide?

They offer iron, zinc, and a range of B vitamins, contributing to overall health and wellbeing.

What dishes can I prepare for my family using Lala Clams?

Try simple soups, pasta with Lala Clams, or Singaporean chili clams for a family feast.

Can Lala Clams be served at a dinner party?

Yes, they can make an elegant appetizer or main dish, impressing your guests with their exquisite flavours.

What advice do you have for someone trying Lala Clams for the first time?

Start with a simple recipe like steamed Lala Clams to appreciate their natural, delicate flavour.