Pork Ball, 100pcs, Large

$12.50 w/GST ($11.47)

Pork Balls (100pcs, Large): Traditional Teochew recipe with rich, pork and sole fish blend. Perfect for soups or hotpots. 1kg per packet.

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Are you looking to enjoy an easy-to-prepare ingredient in your meal?

Imagine savoring the rich, distinctive taste of Pork Balls, a product that brings the authentic flavors of Singapore to your kitchen. These pork balls, made from a traditional Teochew recipe, offer a unique taste experience, combining the succulence of pork with the subtle flavors of sole fish.

Let’s explore why these long-time favourites Pork Balls are a must-have in your culinary adventures.

Tasty and Delicious: Chewy and Yummy

Pork Balls are a testament to the rich culinary heritage of Singapore. The unique taste comes from a Teochew recipe, adding a touch of sole fish for an unforgettable flavor. Whether you’re preparing a comforting soup or a festive hotpot, these pork balls add a touch of authenticity to your dishes. Here are four highlights of Singaporean’s favourite Pork Balls:

  • High-quality pork for a satisfying bite.
  • Unique Teochew recipe for an authentic taste.
  • Versatile ingredient for various dishes.
  • Easy to cook and perfect for any meal.


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