Pork Collar, Sliced

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Perfectly Sliced Pork Collar: Your go-to for juicy & tender dishes, packed with flavor.

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Discover Juicy & Tender Delights

Ever dreamed of a meaty paradise? Our perfectly sliced pork collar is your ticket there. With its ideal mix of lean and fat, every bite is a journey to flavor town. Perfect for any meal, from family feasts to weekly meal preps, it’s your new go-to for easy, delicious dishes.

Ready to elevate your meals? Let’s dive in!

Your Culinary Secret Weapon

Jump straight into cooking with our expertly cut slices. Enjoy the perfect bite every time, thanks to our precise mix of lean and fat. From quick stir-fries to slow-cooked wonders, these slices do it all, bringing authentic tenderness and taste to every dish.

Healthy & Delicious

Dive into our pork collar for a balanced choice packed with high-quality protein for muscle growth, just enough fat for sustained energy, and plenty of vitamins and minerals for overall well-being.

Taste of Singapore

  • Pork Collar Char Siew: Transform these slices into the sweet and savory local favorite.
  • Hokkien Mee: Stir-fry the pork collar with noodles for a truly Singaporean dish, bursting with umami.
  • Bak Kut Teh: Use these slices for a tender addition to the beloved peppery, herbal soup.


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What is a pork collar?

Pork collar, also known as pork neck or neck fillet, is a cut of meat from the upper shoulder of a pig. It is a tender and flavorful cut that is often used for roasting, grilling, or braising.

Is pork collar tender?

Yes, pork collar (also known as pork neck) is a tender cut of meat.

Is pork collar or belly better?

Pork collar and pork belly are both savoury cuts of meat, but they exhibit different traits. Pork collar, also known as pork neck, is a leaner cut with a slightly tougher texture. It’s often used in Singapore for dishes like Char Siew or roasted pork. Pork belly, conversely, is a fattier cut with a softer texture. It’s typically used for local dishes like Sio Bak (roasted pork belly) or Braised Pork Belly (Tau Yu Bak). The choice between pork collar and pork belly depends on your personal taste and the cooking method you plan to use.

What are some popular ways to cook pork collar slices?

Some popular ways to cook pork collar slices include grilling, pan-frying, stir-frying, and braising.