Squid Ring IQF 3-5 cm

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Indulge in the ocean’s bounty with Squid Ring IQF 3-5 cm, a versatile delight for any dish. Packed with protein, ready for culinary magic.

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Are you craving a taste of the sea?

Dive into a world of flavour with our Squid Ring IQF 3-5 cm, your ticket to an authentic oceanic feast. Perfectly sized for convenience and consistency, these rings are ideal for a variety of dishes that will impress both family and guests alike. Whether you’re planning a cozy dinner or prepping meals for the week, our squid rings offer versatility and ease in every bite.

Caught from pristine waters and flash-frozen to lock in their natural juiciness, each ring is a testament to quality and freshness. Say goodbye to tedious prep work; these ready-to-cook morsels are here to streamline your culinary adventures without compromising on taste.

Let’s explore how these squid rings can transform your next meal into an unforgettable experience.

Squid Rings – Freshness You Can Taste

Our Squid Ring IQF (Individual Quick Freezing) 3-5 cm brings you closer than ever to the crisp salinity of the sea with every bite. These tender yet firm rings provide not just texture but also serve as an excellent canvas for bold flavours and spices. They’re quick-frozen at peak freshness ensuring that all their delicate nuances are preserved until they reach your kitchen.

Ideal for grilling, frying or tossing into your favourite seafood medley, they promise convenience without skimping on quality or flavour. From classic calamari appetizers to hearty main courses infused with local spices – there’s no limit when it comes to culinary creativity with these versatile delights.

Highlights include:

  • Consistent size for even cooking
  • Versatile use across various recipes
  • No added preservatives – pure ocean goodness
  • Easy preparation saves time in the kitchen

Squid Ring Nutritional Benefits

Packed full of proteins while being low in fat makes our squid rings not only delicious but also incredibly nutritious! Rich in essential vitamins like B12 and minerals such as selenium, phosphorus, and copper; incorporating them into your diet supports overall health including brain function and immune system strength.

Enjoy guilt-free indulgence knowing that each serving contributes positively towards maintaining muscle mass due its high-quality protein content – perfect fuel whether you’re keeping fit or simply seeking balanced nutrition from whole foods.

Dishes You Can Create

Transform our Squid Sotong Rings into a feast of Singaporean delights that will tantalize your taste buds and bring the essence of local cuisine to your dining table. These recipes are not just meals; they’re an exploration of Singapore’s rich culinary heritage, each dish bursting with unique flavours and textures.

  • Sambal Sotong: A fiery favourite, this spicy squid stir-fry is infused with the iconic sambal chilli paste, delivering a robust kick to your palate.
  • Crispy Butter Cereal Squid: Experience the crunch and creaminess of butter cereal coating these golden rings for a snack that’s impossible to resist.
  • Assam Sotong: Dive into tangy tamarind curry with tender squid rings for a harmonious blend of sour and savoury notes.
  • Sotong Masak Hitam: Savour the boldness of Malay spicy blackened squid, where aromatic spices meet the deep flavours of ink sauce.
  • Singapore Fried Prawn Noodles (Hokkien Mee): Elevate this classic noodle dish by adding succulent squid rings for an extra seafood twist.


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What makes Squid Sotong Rings special?

They're a versatile seafood delight, perfect for adding a touch of ocean freshness to any dish.

Any tips for cooking Squid Sotong Rings to perfection?

Lightly coat with cornflour before cooking to keep them tender and avoid rubberiness.

Can I use Squid Sotong Rings in my favourite recipes?

Absolutely! They are great for stir-fries, grills, or even as an addition to your noodle dishes.

How do I make my calamari extra crispy?

Ensure the squid rings are dry before battering and frying at the right temperature for that perfect crunch.

Are there creative ways to serve these squid rings?

Try them with butter cereal coating or in a spicy sambal sauce for an exciting twist on classic flavours.

Is there a proper technique for thawing frozen squid rings?

Thaw gradually in your fridge overnight; avoid using warm water as it may affect texture and flavour.

Are Squid Sotong Rings suitable for those watching their cholesterol?

Yes, they’re low-fat and contain healthy nutrients beneficial even when managing cholesterol levels.

Are there any additives or preservatives in this product?

No added preservatives just pure natural goodness!