Seaweed Chicken

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Seaweed Chicken: Umami-packed & crispy seaweed-coated chicken nuggets. Perfect as snacks or meal additions. Ready in minutes. 1kg packet. Approximately 40 pieces in each pack.

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Are you ready for a seaweed sensation?

Dive into the crispy goodness of our Seaweed Chicken, where every piece promises a burst of umami flavour wrapped in a satisfying crunch. Perfectly seasoned and coated with premium seaweed, this snack is not just delicious but also brings a touch of the sea to your dining table.

Ideal for quick snacks, party platters or even as an addition to your meals, our Seaweed Chicken is versatile and easy to prepare. It’s frozen freshness locked in each piece ensures that you get the best quality with every bite. Whether you’re hosting friends or looking for something different for dinner, these delights are sure to impress.

Let’s explore how Seaweed Chicken can transform your eating experience today!

Savoury Crunch Meets Umami

Our Seaweed Chicken isn’t just another frozen treat; it’s an adventure in texture and taste. Each morsel is tender on the inside while boasting a golden-brown exterior that crackles at first bite. The unique blend of spices paired with authentic seaweed creates an irresistible combination that will have everyone asking for more.

Prepared from carefully selected ingredients and flash-frozen to seal in all its natural flavours and nutrients, this product offers convenience without compromise. Ready within minutes straight from freezer to fryer or oven, it caters perfectly to busy lifestyles without skimping on quality or taste.

Highlights include 1kg per packet (approx 40 pcs), ease of preparation, versatility across dishes, and unforgettable flavour profile.

Seaweed Chicken Nutritional Benefits

Packed with protein yet light on calories makes our Seaweed Chicken both indulgent and mindful choice. The inclusion of seaweeds adds not only depth in flavour but also enriches each serving with minerals like iodine known for supporting thyroid health along vitamins A,C,E,K contributing towards overall wellness.

Enjoy guilt-free snacking knowing you’re feeding your body beneficial nutrients while satisfying those savoury cravings – truly the best of both worlds!

Dishes You Can Create

Transform your Seaweed Chicken into culinary delights that resonate with the unique flavours of Singapore. These meal ideas are perfect for adding a twist to your dining experience, whether you’re looking for a quick snack or an impressive dish to serve guests.

  • Seaweed Chicken Nuggets: A simple yet irresistible snack, perfect for dipping in sweet chilli sauce or serving alongside a fresh salad.
  • Japanese Fried Chicken With Seaweed: Combine the crunch of seaweed chicken with classic Japanese seasonings for an East-meets-West fusion dish.
  • Seaweed Egg Drop Soup: Elevate this comforting soup with chunks of seaweed chicken, adding texture and flavour to every spoonful.
  • Seaweed Chicken Roll: Marinate and wrap your seaweed chicken in corn starch before frying for a crispy outer layer that’s simply addictive.
  • Seaweed Shaker Fries: Pair your seawead chicken with homemade shaker fries seasoned with nori flakes – it’s snacking made fun and flavourful!


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How can I ensure my Seaweed Chicken is crispy when cooked?

For that perfect crunch, cook straight from the freezer and avoid overcrowding in the fryer.

What's the best way to serve Seaweed Chicken at a party?

Keep it simple with dips or make mini sliders for a fun twist on classic finger food.

Can I include Seaweed Chicken in other recipes?

Absolutely! Chop them up for salads, wraps, or even stir-fries for added flavour and texture.

Is air frying a good method for cooking Seaweed Chicken?

Yes, air frying is an excellent option for a healthier alternative while maintaining crispiness.

Any tips on seasoning Seaweed Chicken further?

They're already seasoned well but feel free to sprinkle some sesame seeds or chilli flakes after cooking if desired.

Is your product suitable for those following specific diets like keto or paleo?

Due to breading components, our seaweeds chicken might not align with strict keto/paleo guidelines.